Operation Mekong Dragon Asia-Pacific

The entire Asia-Pacific region is suffering from a flood of methamphetamine. It has become an issue for the whole region, not confined to just some countries, some classes of society, some age groups, or a certain gender group. The total meth seizure of this region in 2018 is estimated to exceed 130 tons, an incredible 59% surge from the previous year and an eleven-fold increase from ten years ago. Therefore, our responsibility as the Asia-Pacific customs community is to ensure effective border control to curtail the trafficking of meth precursors from other countries into the meth labs in the Golden Triangle and to prevent meth produced in the Golden Triangle region from being smuggled out into the entire Asia-Pacific region. To work on these common tasks together, we have come up with Operation Mekong Dragon AP aimed at preventing the trafficking of drug and drug precursor chemicals across the Asia-Pacific region. 22 member administrations along with the UNODC are taking part in this operation.